Open Mystery Boxes & Receive Shipped Real-World Items

Each item is accompanied with an official receipt, which allows for easy verification. All clothing is authenticated by StockX and comes with a Verified Authentic StockX tag. We have a two stage process to identify fake products.

Step 1. Verification
  • During the verification process, we verify everything about the product.
  • We verify product accuracy: does the product match the invoice.
  • We verify size: You might think this is a simple, but we have to check this every time.
  • We verify color: You need to be able to flex in the right colorway.
  • We verify condition: we evaluate deadstock quality and check for any and all product defects.

Step 2. Authentication

Authentication is a multi-point inspection across the entire product making sure the buyer gets the authentic product, never fake.
  • We verify and perform a detailed review of the packaging: are the boxes undamaged; do they match the product; is the packaging legit.
  • We verify and perform a detailed review of all product materials: are all the materials used in the product real. All leather, no pleather, never fake.
  • We verify and perform a detailed review of product construction: do all seams, stitching, glueing, and other construction details correspond to the product.

As a result of our authentication process, less than .3% of customers are ever unhappy with their products. Every product passes every single step in the authentication process before they reach the seller: always authentic, never fake.